Earlier today, during 'Big Board Sports' with Rodger Wyland, news broke that the Yankees were trading Andrew Miller and Ivan Nova to the Rangers for prospect Joey Gallo.

Rest easy, Yankee fans, the rumor is false:

The trade seemed plausible in that the Yankees are said to be entertaining offers for Miller but also seemed far-fetched because trading a top-notch reliever and a valuable starting pitcher for one power-hitting prospect doesn't seem like good business.

Now we know it's not. Though this rumor is false, don't expect the Yankees to hold onto Miller if they fall out of the race. Texas needs bullpen help, as do the Mets and others in contention for a playoff spot.

Miller has two years left on his contract and will make $18 million over the life of that contract.

Aroldis Chapman could also see his time in Pinstripes drawing to a close as the Aug. 1 trade deadline nears.


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