Kudos to our friend Buster Olney for this nugget earlier today on Twitter:

Seriously, 17 years ago today, one of the "best" or "worst" baseball brawls I've ever seen. Depending on your perpsective.

I don't even remember the game itself, but judging from the context, Orioles pitcher Armando Benitez had just given up a crucial home run to Bernie Williams, and then responded by plunking Tino Martinez right in the back.

What ensued was a melee that featured a cast of several former Yankee key faces, including Graeme Lloyd, Jeff Nelson, Darryl Strawberry, Scott Brosius, and current Yanks manager Joe Girardi! We even got to see some of Paul O'Neill and Derek Jeter.

Check out the punches thrown by Lloyd and Nelson, and then take a look at the hit that Strawberry put on Benitez to spill the fight into the dugout.

It's hard to imagine that a fight this bad came about with an Orioles team that had veterans Cal Ripken, Eddie Murray, and Harold Baines, or the late 90s Yankees teams full of veterans.

Thanks, Buster, for the great tip!