If you're in the process of deciding what Yankees games you want to go to this Summer here' some information that night help. The New York Yankees Promotional calendar.

April 23 vs. Twins – David Wells. First 18,000 guests.
May 4 vs. Indians – Star Wars Night Aaron Judge Jedi. First 40,000 guests.
June 14 vs. Rays – Ron Guidry. First 18,000 guests.
July 27 vs. Royals – CC Sabathia. First 18,000 guests.
August 31 vs. Tigers – Brett Gardner. First 18,000 guests.

The rest:

Opening Day vs. Rays – Magnetic Schedule. All guests.

April 8 vs. Orioles – Yankees Calendar. First 40,000 guests.

May 12 vs. A’s – Didi Gregorius Bat. First 10,000 guests 14 and younger.

June 17 vs. Rays – Old-Timers’ Day.

July 29 vs. Royals – Yankees Collectible Truck, 14th in the series. First 18,000 guests 14 and younger.

August 10 vs. Rangers – Collectible Cup. First 25,000 guests.

August 15 vs. Rays – Cap Day. First 18,000 guests.

August 18 against the Blue Jays. Before the 1:05 PM game, the Yankees will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 1998 Championship team.

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