HERE WE GO!!! Or should I say PLAY BALL!!!? Yankees preseason starts today at 1 pm. The first game is always a bit of a crap shoot s to what you can learn but two things I'm watching is how Luis Severino performs as the "Opening Day Starter" and how Didi Gregorius performs as the lead off hitter.

Of course it'll be fun to see Starlin Castro and Aaron Hicks in Pinstripes as well but if Didi can lead off and Severino is good the Yankees will have depth to play with in the form of two young and exciting players.

Detroit Tigers:

Mike Pelfrey (R)
1. Ian Kinsler (R) 2B
2. Anthony Gose (L) CF
3. Justin Upton (R) LF
4. J.D. Martinez (R) RF
5. John Mayberry Jr. (R) 1B
6. Cameron Maybin (R) DH
7. Casey McGehee (R) 3B
8. Mike Aviles (R) SS
9. Bryan Holaday (R) C
New York Yankees:
Luis Severino (R)
1. Didi Gregorius (L) SS
2. Starlin Castro (R) 2B
3. Brian McCann (L) C
4. Mark Teixeira (S) 1B
5. Aaron Hicks (S) CF
6. Dustin Ackley (L) DH
7. Aaron Judge (R) RF
8. Ben Gamel (L) LF
9. Donovan Solano (R) 3B