Last season Yao Ming decided to call it quits in the NBA after 9 seasons with the Houston Rockets.  Now the former tallest player in the league may be the tallest person to have his own wine.


If you were ever looking for wine made by Yao Ming, then now is your opportunity.  He got his own vineyard in California's  Napa Valley and his Yao Ming wine will soon be everywhere for you to buy.  As you imagine though, it's a bit pricey.  The average sports fan may not be able to pick up a bottle of this wine as it will be nearly $300 a bottle.

Yao said that he has always liked the Napa Valley for what it represents.  He joins former athletes like Arnold Palmer, Dan Marino and Greg Norman who all also have their own wine for fans everywhere to get.  So how about a nice bottle of Yao Merlot at your next dinner?

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