I'm actually quite shocked at the reaction everyone has had to the UConn booster demanding he gets his donation back from the school.

It actually makes me laugh to think sports fans are still this naive.

Boosters fire coaches and guess what?  They can hire them too. 

How many times have you heard a college coach got fired because the boosters didn't like him?  Don't you think they have a say in who is going to be hired? 

If you think Robert Burton is the only booster in America that’s been upset with a coaching change, you just don't understand big-time college athletics.  He’s just one of the only boosters to make it this public. 

When it comes to big-time college athletics, it’s not pretty.  We’re talking millions of dollars in revenue for the athletic department and the university.

Burton didn't give UConn millions of dollars just because he likes the campus.  If so, how’s about giving an anonymous donation?  He gave money because he wants stuff such as: prestige, fame and a say when it comes to big decisions in the athletic department.

Remember, Burton started this football program when it was nothing.  Without this guy, there is no Division I football program.  The Huskies are in the Big East and played in a BCS Bowl because they used Burton’s money to get there.

When you take millions of dollars, you need to be prepared when the donor wants to offer his 2 cents.

I’ve got news for you – some big-time athletic departments actually listen to the boosters. 

Do you think Oregon would have changed their uniforms so it looked like someone puked on them if it wasn’t for Phil Knight?  Do you think Oregon would have built a new basketball court without Phil Knight?  You don’t think he had anything to do with hiring a basketball coach in the past?    Really????