While the Yankees got a huge win last night on the field against the Blue Jays, the Pinstripes also suffered a huge loss.

Berra was one of the most decorated players in baseball history and was one of the most revered Yankees.

An 18-time all-star? Ten World Series titles as both a player and manager? Seven straight years in the top-5 of MVP voting? Those are unreal accomplishments that helped put him near the top of the Yankees Mt. Rushmore.

Berra played for the Yankees from 1946-1965, hitting .285 for his career. He also caught the only perfect game in World Series history when he caught Don Larsen in 1956.

In addition to playing, Berra managed both the Yankees and the Mets. He was also credited with a wide number of sayings including "It ain't over til it's over."

Berra made his debut on Sept. 26, 1946, so he died exactly 69 years after his major league debut. He was 90 years old.