A youth hockey coach was arrested for tripping a 13-year old opponent.  The kid actually suffered a broken wrist.

A youth hockey coach by the name of Martin Tremblay may face assault charges for allegedly tripping a 13-year old player.  The incident took place over the weekend after the UBC Hornets beat the Richmond Steel 5-4.  The two teams were competing in the gold-medal match of the University of British Columbia spring hockey league.

Martin Tremblay appears to trip one of the opposing players in the postgame handshake line.  On a side note, it's funny how politically correct we are these days.  I just described the tripping by Tremblay by writing, "Tremblay appears to trip one of the opposing players."  Appears to trip?  Umm, it's pretty obvious that this is absolutely what happened.  There is no question about it. 

Apparently, the 13-year old boy broke his wrist after being tripped.  The police are investigating the incident.  How low can you stoop as a man?  You're tripping a kid who's half your size in a postgame handshake line?  Really?  Good luck living this one down, Tremblay.  What a dirtbag.

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