So I ran into a guy at the mall with a Yankee hat while wearing a Mets t-shirt.  I did a double-take and realized that's a very controversial subject.

So can you be a fan of two teams in the same market?

No way.  There's no way you can like both the Yankees and the Mets. The Giants and the Jets.  The Dodgers and the Angels.  The Cubs and the White Sox. This is so lame.

It doesn’t violate any bandwagon rules. But you look like a chode.  In fact, the bandwagon rules committee has no jurisdiction over this theory. This is just a sports fact of life. Don’t violate that code. 

Part of having two teams in the same market is having passion about your team, the rivalry and the hatred towards the other team.  If you like both of teams, then you lose all of that.

Pick a lane. Pick a team and be a man.  Don’t ride the escalator of life and take the easy way out.  Walk up the stairs like a man and stick with a team.

It is a major no-no. This is like dating two girls at once. Oh yeah, it sounds good on paper at first but you'll never have really a good relationship with both of them then you would if you just dated one.  And if you’re going to date two girls at once, they can’t be next door neighbors like the Yankees and Mets are!

Being a fan of two teams in the same market makes you look like a casual fan.

Do you know who likes both the Mets & Yankees? Casual sports fans. Grandmas. Aunts. Male Hairdressers.  This just screams, “I’m just going to root for the local teams because it seems like the thing I should do.” This is just an opinion that lacks sports knowledge and any common sense.