Getting kicked out of a mall for sagging your pants too low is one thing, assaulting your own mother is another. Yesterday Dez Bryant made headlines once again, this time for something serious, stupid and pathetic.

Bryant was arrested last night for attacking his mother in her home, allegedly smacking her in the face with his baseball cap and grabbing her shirt so hard it ripped her bra. Also, according to Angela Bryant’s 911 call (which you can listen to below) the Cowboys wide out threw a ball at her. It hasn’t been confirmed as to whether or not it was a football, but if it was that would at least be an encouraging sign to Jerry Jones that his star his perfecting his craft during the off season.

Dez Bryant is a punk. He’s a self absorbed under achieving loser, and he is the epitome of why the Dallas Cowboys are no longer a championship caliber organization. As long as Jerry Jones continues to ignore character when evaluating players he will never have a team that will truly compete for a Super Bowl.