With New York Giant training camp in full swing, newly added Tight End Martellus Bennett sat down for a brief interview.

After moving to the Giants from their chief rival - the Dallas Cowboys - Martellus Bennett has continued to make news.  Upon his arrival, Bennett commented that he has "ill feelings" toward his former team and wants to "kick those guys a****."  Brought in to sure up a TE corps that suffered two crushing knee injuries in last year's Super Bowl, Bennett then, however, seemed to receive the memo on the "Giant Way."  Since then, he has danced around controversial statements, refusing to bite on quotes from his former owner - Jerry Jones - saying that the Cowboys would be the one kicking butts.

After describing himself to media as a "Black Unicorn," lamenting the perils of married life, and before getting into a shoving match with linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka during a Thursday practice, Bennett and I sat down for a brief interview on what it's like to change teams, how he's progressing in his assimilation, and  Jerry Jones' incendiary comments. Check out the full audio below.  **iPhone and iPad users: click the red link below the audio player for download options.**