NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has made an immediate impact since replacing the great David Stern on Feb. 1. Silver is currently in Las Vegas attending the NBA summer league.

After the series of games yesterday Silver met with reporters to touch on a few subjects, and to discuss ideas that the NBA is currently reviewing.

Silver talked about centralized replay, the ousting of Donald Sterling but the biggest eyebrow raiser was the talk of a midseason NBA tournament.

"There's very few things that you can win in the NBA. I mean, when you think about European soccer, for example, they have the FA Cup and they have other tournaments throughout the season, so I could imagine if we were to look at some sort of midseason tournament I would imagine doing something in Vegas," Silver said. "This would be a terrific neutral-site location."

Now I know you're probably asking yourself why the NBA would want this? And the answer is for the fans. Having another chance in the NBA to win a trophy, most likely in a NCAA tournament format, wouldn't just be exciting -- it would rejuvenate the NBA.

The league would have to cut the lengthy 82 game season to 58-66 games. This would give the fans something to get excited about when the football season ends and the NBA is in its midseason cruise control. It would force teams to be more competitive, and also give smaller teams a chance for glory.

If all is done right. This could be one of the biggest changes and advancements in modern day basketball.