The Memphis Grizzlies guard failed a drug test that most people wouldn't have seen coming.

OJ Mayo tested positive for the drug dehydroepiandrosterone.  "DHEA"  is not a steroid in the bottle, but becomes one after ingestion.

Mayo says that he didn't know that the undisclosed over-the-counter supplement was banned by the NBA.  He didn't know?  Terrible.

When will athletes learn that they need to know what they're putting into their bodies?  When will athletes learn that this isn't an acceptable excuse or reason?  When will athletes stop being horrid when it comes to taking responsibility for their actions when a drug test comes back positive?

Unfortunately, the "I didn't know" excuse is widely used by athletes in various sports who get busted for using performance-enhancing drugs.  Stop it with the "I didn't know" routine.  Ask your team.  Ask your team doctors. Ask the your trainers if the supplement is suitable.

You know the phrase, "Knowing is half the battle."  When it comes to performance enhancing drugs, knowing is the battle.