McCann’s A Yankee: 3 Things We’ve Learned
Written by Midday Host Armen Williams, heard 1-3p weekdays on the Team
On Saturday evening, it was reported that the New Yankees and free agent catcher Brian McCann had agreed to a five-year, $85 million deal (a six-year, $100 million total option)...
Brian McCann Agrees To Deal With Yanks
Free agent catcher Brian McCann has agreed to a five-year, $85 million contract with the New York Yankees that will include a sixth year option that would boost the contract value to over $100 million.
For a team that has said they were looking to stay under the $189 million luxury tax, the Yankees w…
Yankees Should Cut Ties With Jorge Posada
It's never easy to think about a veteran and former All-Star becoming a non-factor.  But that's exactly what Yankee catcher Jorge Posada is right now.
And I really think the Yankees need to make a decision on his future soon.
Posada Quit On His Teammates
Take off your Pinstriped-colored glasses for a minute and hear me out.
What Yankees DH Jorge Posada did on Saturday night was inexcusable.
The Best Catcher In The AL East
Today, we had a caller on "Sound-off with Sinkoff" ask who I thought the best catcher in the American League East was.
Although I might seem like a homer, I'm going with the Orioles' Matt Wieters.