It's never easy to think about a veteran and former All-Star becoming a non-factor.  But that's exactly what Yankee catcher Jorge Posada is right now.

And I really think the Yankees need to make a decision on his future soon.

If I had to take a guess, I don't think Posada will be a Yankee at the end of the season.

He's just not productive anymore.  He's currently batting .169 with 23 hits, 6 home runs, and 16 RBI’s.  His average ranks him 208th out of 242 hitters in the American League.  He’s probably not going to hit against lefties from here on out (0-26 against lefties this season).

Posada is just physically unable to catch anymore and the youthful talents the Yankees have at catching in the minors (Jesus Montero and Austin Romine) make him expendable.  Russell Martin’s solid play has made him even less valuable.  He's also not producing enough to be solely a DH.

If you're not going to put Posada on the Yankees playoff roster, why keep him now?  What value is he to the club?

There's also some tension with the manager, Joe Girardi.  Remember, Posada took Girardi’s job back in 1998!

Back in May, Posada asked out of lineup vs. Boston.  He "needed to clear his head” after being dropped to ninth in the lineup by Girardi.  You mean to tell me he couldn't get fired up to play the Yanks' chief rival on national television while the team was stuck in the middle of a 3-game losing streak? 

Posada felt a little “disrespected” by the club at the time and I think the Yanks still feel disrespected by him.

That is something that isn't easily forgiven or forgotten.  Fans seemed to have forgiven him the next night, but teammates had to be disappointed by his behavior.

The Yankees have a precedent of dumping over-the-hill players.

Take Bernie Williams as an example.  He was phased out during and after the 2006 season. Posada is going to experience the same thing this season.

Tino Martinez (to an extent): After the 2005 season, the Yanks did not pick up the $3 million option on Tino, making him a free agent. That was his 2nd stint with the team.

New York doesn't care about cash involved.  They can cut a player without worrying about how it will affect their future roster moves. 

Look what happened with Jeter in the off-season.  Here’s the face of the franchise over the last decade and a half and they essentially told him to go pound salt and look for a better deal if he didn’t like their offer!  Jeter was far more productive right now than Posada and they still strung Jeter along.

Even though Posada is a life-long Yankee and helped them win four World Series titles, the Yanks don’t need to waste a roster spot on him right now.

Nothing personal - it's just business.  Remember that!