Hilarious Voicemail Message — Guy Wants a Date
So -- somewhere, somehow, this guy David either gets Ashley's number, or is given a fake number when he met her at some bar/club. David really wants a date. Ashley is clearly not into David, or she would not have posted this gem on Youtube. This is a series of calls David makes to Ashley's…
Sports Nerd Guide to Dating – The First Date
I wrote the first installment of this a few weeks back on how to handle break-up. This second edition is about starting a relationship.  I have interviewed a few different girls with different backgrounds and preferences, but their answers all lined up. Take  a few tips from me when you go…
Would You Marry A Fan Of Your Rival Team?
Alan Fish (producer of "Sound-off with Sinkoff") and I got into a heated debate today.  He told me, as a Yankees fan, he couldn't marry a Red Sox fan.
I say he's insane!