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Who Is Derek Jeter’s Best Catch [POLL]
By best catch, we don't mean ball in glove.  We mean hot chicks.  Derek Jeter gets them, like he gets October hits.  From Jessica Alba (pictured above from the backside, you're welcome) to the apparent new fiance Hannah Davis (Jeter and Davis were spotted in Manhattan walkin…
Derek Jeter Appears To Be Engaged
The Yankee captain, Derek Jeter, who has those 3,000-plus hits and five World Series rings has apparently dished out a ring of his own to his smoking-hot 23-year old junior girlfriend.
Derek Jeter Goes On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Derek Jeter went on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" and joked about a few things and had some new baseball songs introduced for him.  For the most part, DJ was calm and funny in a low key way.  Fallon acted like a tool as always.  Did you miss it...
Dreamland Yankees in 2013
There are so many fantasy scenarios going on with the Yankees it isn't even funny.  It's turned into "Dreamland" in the Bronx.  They aren't just playing baseball, and bad baseball at that.  They are giving people around the game the idea that things ar…
Hiroki Kuroda The Bright MVP On A Dismal Yankee Team
Just having the nonsense with Alex Rodriguez would be enough to tarnish a season for the New York Yankees, even one in which they made the playoffs and fought for the American League flag.  But on top of that you have so many other things that have gone wrong.
Derek Jeter Back Provides Jolt For Baseball
The captain has returned, which is good for the Yanks.  But for baseball, it is even better.  Ratings are down, as is attendance, and the Yanks didn't have a face for the lovers and haters of the team to relate to or for those same people to go to the ballpark and see.  Now they …
Derek Jeter To Play Shortstop, Bat Second For Yankees Today
The New York Yankees are desperately trying to avoid a sweep at the hands of the Tampa Bay Rays today, and will have some help in the services of their captain. Derek Jeter makes his return to the Yankees lineup today, where he will bat second and play shortstop.
Derek Jeter Goes Back On Disabled List
During his 2013 season debut last Thursday, Yankees captain Derek Jeter seemed to be playing well as the designated hitter, until he was suddenly pulled for a pinch-hitter in the bottom of the 8th inning. After the game, we learned that Jeter felt something during his final at-bat and took a precaut…

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