Fans Who Stole Foul Ball from Crying Kid Say They Were ‘Unaware’
Sean Leonard and fiance Shannon Smith Moore, the couple who stole a foul ball from a little boy and made him cry during a game between the Yankees and the Rangers on Wednesday night, recently spoke to ABC and said they were completely oblivious to the drama playing out right beside them. Do you bel…
4 Year Old Tennis Star – Clip of theDay
This 4 year old money machine, I mean tennis star is already turning heads amongst his pears. Mainly because he can go a day with out pissing all over himself and having a nervous break down because the care bears aren’t real, but also mainly for his tennis skill. This kid can hit the ball, and then…
Grown Men And Autographs
I know it's only natural to get excited and giddy when meeting a famous athlete or celebrity but I have some great advice for you.