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Chris Johnson Stupid Noodle Game– Clip of the Day
I don’t know why a guy making the amount of money that Chris Johnson is, is eating a big bowl of instant noodles. On top of that he is frying them and the whole time they are cooking he is yelling “Noodle Game Noodle Game”. I Guess the lock out is effecting players in different ways, Mark Sanchez is…
Keys For Gang Green
The New York Jets have a chance today to earn a trip to Super Bowl XLV.  To get there, they'll need to do these three things in order to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Battle for NY: Eli vs. Sanchez
So Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets are in the AFC Championship game for the 2nd straight season while Eli Manning and the Giants are left out of the playoff mix for the 2nd straight season. 
So which New York quarterback would you rather have now?
Rex Ryan Might Be A Genius
He has a young quarterback, a team that will be underdogs in every post-season game they play (unless they meet Seattle in the Super Bowl), and an unsettling knack for podiatry.  So what has Rex Ryan done over the last 2 weeks that has me calling him a genius?
Michael Vick Chokes
A full recap of Wild Card Weekend. Seahawks pull a stunner. Jets take down Peyton & the Colts. Ravens roll, and Aaron Rodgers outplays Michael Vick.
Jets Advance In Playoffs
The New York Jets beat the Indianapolis Colts 17-16 on Saturday night.  Mark Sanchez wasn't great, but he came up big when he had to.

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