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Giants Lose Manningham
For the 2nd straight time the New York Giants have said goodbye quickly to the Wide Receiver who made the big play to win a Superbowl. Mario Manningham made the incredible catch along the sidelines to propel the Giants to a Super Bowl title and now he takes his talents to San Francisco 49ers, where …
Randy Moss Wants Back Into The NFL
The 2011 NFL season was the first time since 1998 that wide receiver Randy Moss didn't grace a football field.  He bowed into an early retirement, but now he says he wants back in.
Randy Moss Retires
One of the best NFL wide receivers of all-time is calling it quits.
Future Hall of Fame receiver Randy Moss has decided to retire rather than continue playing.
NFL Playoff Memories
In honor of the NFL Playoffs beginning tomorrow, here is a look back at the 1998 Minnesota Vikings.  This clip is a must see.  NFL Network's "America's Game" is second to none.
While there is much debate regarding the NFL MVP right now (I would pick Vick over Brady - by the way), there seems to be little discussion about the NFL's L-V-P (Least Valuable Player).
So here is mine - drumroll please.