I love dogs. Man's best friend for sure. As a famous politician once said of Washington politics "if you want a friend get a dog." Truer words were never spoken.

The Westminster dog show wraps up and again a breed of dog that no one owns wins the top prize.

Banana Joe, a Affenpinscher, whatever that is, wins the top prize. Don't get me wrong, the dog is cute and all but it seems the smaller the dog, the more foreign the dog, the lesser known breed of the dog usually wins the contest. Where are the Sheppards, and the Huskies?

I have no problem with small dogs, but why is it that the ankle biters always seem to win and who exactly owns an Affenpinscher? I don't know anyone that owns this breed. Never heard of it before the Westminster results.

Now supposedly Banana Joe talks four languages. Sure he or she does. What, he speaks English when he wants to go for a walk? Spanish when he wants a cookie? German when he wants to be petted? Dutch when he or she wants to play?

Why does it also seem to me that the dog that wins can't see? Ever notice how the winner of the Westmister always seems to have their eyes covered with hair? Sort of like some grunge music throw down.

Now in fairness I should say I own two Siberian huskies. I had three before I had to put my beloved Chad to sleep over a year ago. Seaver wolf and Curtis wolf are the loves of my life. I have always owned Huskies. Sampson, Chad, Brady, Seaver, and Curtis. Why the bias against the greatest breed of all?

Huskies are smart, loving, beautiful, playful, protective, loyal and so much fun. They are also athletic. I bet my dog can whoop some Affenpinscher and can chase a ball better as well. Huskies are also mysterious, destructive, full of idiosyncrasies  and stubborn. They are highly amusing and stubborn. All the qualities I love in dogs.

I am betting my Curtis or Seaver are cuter and more powerful and more protective then some Sheep dog (runner up breed). I bet they are faster and scare off more would be intruder just from their looks then some Wire haired Pointer (third place).

No I have nothing against any of these breeds. I love most breeds and most dogs. There is a reason dog spelled backwards is God! But hey where is the love for the Siberian? Perhaps some of the judges have been to my home and have seen the destruction. The furniture ruined, the clothes eaten, the hair on the carpets, the holes dug in the back yard. All these qualities make me love my boys even more. Sick, I know.

Congratulations Banana Joe the Affen something or other on your big win, I guess. I will now have to go tell Seaver and Curtis wolf they didn't get the prize (no money) and just sit back and listen to them start singing as they love to do. You go play with your Affen whatever it is and see if they will give you the amount of kisses I will get from my boys. Now that is a winner!