The Syracuse Orange have lost five of their last seven and all season have not been a great offensive team. With Jim Boeheim's short bench, all it takes is one or two guys to not play at the top of their game and 'Cuse could get upset.

That being said, 14th-seeded Western Michigan (23-9) doesn't scare me in the first round in Buffalo. Then, the Orange would get another Buffalo game with either (11) Dayton or (6) Ohio State, and the Buckeyes' offense isn't anything to write home about either - so chalk me up for Syracuse in that one too.

Armen Explains Uncertainty In Orange

If you're looking for a No.3 seed to bow out quickly, I've seen many project (14) Mercer to throw Coach K into other first round exit. If not Mercer, the analysts are liking what both Iowa and UMass are bringing to the table in March as well!

Amongst the three seeds, Syracuse actually got one of the best draws they could've gotten.