After an ugly game on Sunday that saw Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. lose control of his emotions and spear Panthers DB Josh Norman, Adam Schefter reports that OBJ is likely to receive a one-game suspension.

That suspension would come at a terrible time for the Giants, who are fighting for their playoff lives in Minnesota next week. The 6-8 Giants need to win to stay alive in the NFC East race, where the Washington Redskins lead the way at 7-7.

Beckham and Norman engaged in multiple incidents on Sunday, with Beckham drawing three unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and Norman drawing two. But the most egregious instance came when Beckham ran full speed at Norman's head and hit him in the side of the helmet.

Several people on social media were calling for Beckham to be ejected from the game. I think he deserves to be suspended, but how can you really suspend him if he wasn't thrown out at the time?


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