In the past three days there hasn't been a hour without tinkering, a team that wasn't researched, or a pair of brackets that are identical.  Here are the brackets for 104.5 The Teams roster.


(C)Armen Williams -Final 4(Florida,Arizona,Louisville, Michigan St.)

Championship- (Florida vs Arizona)

2014 National Champion- Florida Gators


Joe Bianchino-(Florida, Wisconsin, Duke, Mich St.)
Championship(Florida vs Louisville)

2014 National Champion- Florida Gators

Pierce Brix-(Florida, N.C, Louisville, Arizona)

Championship(Louisville vs Florida)

2014 National Championship - Florida Gators

Joe Calderone - (Florida, Mich St., Wichita St., Wisconsin)

Championship-(Florida vs Wichita St.)

2014 National Championship- Florida Gators

Andrew Williams-(Florida, Arizona Mich St., Kentucky)

National Championship - (Michigan St. vs Arizona)

2014 National Champions- Michigan St. Spartans

Brady Farkas - (UVA, Duke,Florida,Arizona)

National Championship(UVA vs Arizona)

2014 National Champion - Arizona