Holy Christina Aguilera this is a horrible rendition of the National Anthem.  Watch this 11-year old botch the Star-Spangled Banner before an MLS match on Saturday night.

Yikes!  An 11-year old girl named Harper Gruzins belted out a rendition of the National Anthem that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.  Of course, not in a good way.  More so in a, "Wow, when-will-this-god-awful-attempt-of-a-little-kid-attempting-to-sing-like-a-pop-star-ever-end," kind of way.  This rendition is simply brutal.

The reaction of the crowd and some of the players indicates that they weren't exactly feeling Harper Gruzins' rendition either.  Some people looked like they were literally in pain.  Thankfully, there were a few fireworks and explosions in the background to temporarily distract everybody.  They needed a lot more explosions to make this atrocity somewhat tolerable.  Look, I'm not seeking perfection from a little kid, but I am expected that every other note isn't out of tune to the point that the song feels like it's 27 minutes long.  Just sayin.  By the way, L.A. Galaxy beat FC Dallas 1-0, but nobody cares.

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