The 2018 UAlbany football season for me can be summed up in one word "frustrating". The Great Danes suffered so many injuries during the season including injuries to two quarterbacks (Will Brunson and Vince Testaverde).There were so many times during games this season in which the team was  just a few plays away from victory. The Great Danes will miss the FCS playoffs this season and look to rebound in 2019.

If you could sum up the UAlbany football season what word would it be?  Let us know below. Don't forget to tune into Levack and Goz this Monday at 230pm when the final UAlbany football season of the game is recapped. During that segment, the final Wendy's MVP of the week will be announced. Remember the name and call back during the start of the Top 5 at 5 for your chance to win a gift card thanks to Wendy's.



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