Retirement: we dream about it everyday.

That said, for most people, it actually gets to become a reality at some point in their life. They've made enough money and secured enough assets, and feel confident enough to call it quits in their career.

Oftentimes, with retirement, comes change. Recent retirees will move houses, move towns or even more states when beginning the next stage of their life. If you're planning on moving to, or moving within, the state of New York, there are certain towns that will set you up for post-career success better than most.

We decided to investigate this topic a bit further, and found a study done done by the online leisure resource, The Travel. Their travel experts examined a number of factors, including amenities, recreation, cost of living, and overall ambiance, when determining the best towns to retire to in New York.

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They settled on 12 total locations to consider for retirement, which we have listed below.

Within these dozen towns, you'll find a variety of unique locations. Some towns feature miles of natural beauty, with plenty of locations perfect for fishing, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.

Others, meanwhile, are located along the southern stretch of the state, and offer the perfect ambience for the beach-lovers in your life. Regardless of how you want to spend your post-working days, The Travel has found the perfect retirement location for you and your loved ones.

Scroll below to check out the 12 best towns to retire to in New York for 2023. Which spot would you choose?

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