Tonight ESPN's newest 30 for 30 film One and Not Done airs at 9pm. The film spotlights Hall of Fame coach John Calipari during his tenure as the coach of the Kentucky Wildcats. The director Jonathan Hock joined Levack and Goz today to share more insight on tonight's film. Hock explained that because of time constrictions, certain parts had to be left out. One of these interviews involved current NBA player Karl-Anthony Towns.

I think Karl Anthony Towns was such an amazing interview and he talked a lot about the 2015 Final Four when they were undefeated at 38-0 and lost. That was fascinating stuff and we ended up having to take the whole thing out because we just had to get it down to time for television. It seemed that the older stuff was more stuff people didn’t know. The story of something that just happened a couple years ago was not as important to understand who Calipari is. But boy, I loved that stuff.

How did Coach Cal react once he finished watching the film? Find out that answer and more below.

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