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Former Capital Region Star Selected For Team USA
(Picture courtesy of @Byesline)
Former Shenendehowa basketball stand out and current Maryland Terrapin Kevin Huerter has been selected as a finalist for the Team USA U19 team. Huerter played on the U18 team last year and is one of the eighteen finalist competing for a spot on this year's team...
30 for 30 Director Joins Levack and Goz
Tonight ESPN's newest 30 for 30 film One and Not Done airs at 9pm. The film spotlights Hall of Fame coach John Calipari during his tenure as the coach of the Kentucky Wildcats. The director Jonathan Hock joined Levack and Goz today to share more insight on tonight's film...
How You Should Remember This Kentucky Team
Kentucky was 38-0 before suffering a Final Four loss to Wisconsin on Saturday night. A loss that ended the Wildcats' season.
They were on track to being one of the most accomplished teams of all time, completing a perfect season and winning a national title...
In Defense of John Calipari
Say what you want about John Calipari, "The Program Destroyer" of UMass and Memphis.
Say what you want about John Calipari, "The non-proponent of academics."
Say what you want about John Calipari, "The 'one-and-done' guy that is bad for college ba…
Vitale: "There's no way" Calipari Leaves
Over the last day or so, rumors have been swirling of John Calipari's interest in making a return to the NBA.  Calipari leads the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats against Bob Huggins West Virginia Mountaineers on Friday for a chance to advance to the elite eight...
Vitale: Kentucky "Certainly With The Great Teams" on Defense
Perhaps the most talented and deepest team in the country, the Kentucky Wildcats might also be the the best defensive team we have ever seen.  The Wildcats rank third in the nation in points allowed and second in the country in blocks.
Kentucky is led by their stout frontcourt that protects the …
Vitale: "Three Teams Can Beat Kentucky"
Considering the pure dominance Kentucky has shown this season we to wonder if this team can be beaten at all. Now 34-0, Kentucky looks to finish its epic season with a run through the NCAA Tournament and a historic 40-0 record.
Stupid Basketball: A Scathing Missive
They say never go to bed angry.  But they also say it's best to cool down and not speak from anger. I've chose to ignore both pieces of advice.  Why?  Because despite the general disarray of all of my brackets, one was alive - if Kentucky could beat UConn, I'd win the money.  Then the game happened.…
Calipari: Cheater or Winner?
Congrats - John Calipari and Kentucky are in the Final Four for the first time since the late 90's.
But I'm not impressed.
Sorry - it's like a kid cheating on an exam and then wanting credit for being smart.
He's a cheater.  Period.

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