Earlier this week, ESPN announced that the newest 30 for 30 series, The Last Dance will debut later this month rather than the orginal air date in June. The film will discuss the 1997-1998 Chicago Bulls team, the final season with Michael Jordan as a member of the franchise. This past Tuesday, Levack and Goz discussed their picks for their Top 5 ESPN 30 for 30 films of all time. To listen to the complete segment, click on the link below.

What are your favorite 30 for 30s? Let us know. Plus Goz offered trailers for his Top 5 here

5-Fantastic Lies, the story of Duke Lacrosse

4-Run Ricky Run, the story of Heisman Trophy winning and NFL running back Ricky Williams

3-The U the story of the Miami Hurricanes football program


2-Requiem For The Big East- the story of Big East basketball


1-O.J: Made In America. The story of Heisman Trophy winning and Pro Football Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson



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