The Buffalo Sabres have been bad for a long, long time and when teams are bad they usually try to make a major trade to change the direction of the team.

This summer the Sabres could be trading their Captain Jack Eichel, but I say the Sabres have been so bad for a long time, (No playoffs in 10 years) that moving a star player isn't enough.

I think we need to trade the Franchise. the whole team to another city for another pro sports team. The best part is that it wouldn't even have to be a hockey team.

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Imagine if Buffalo got a Major League Baseball team or a Major League Soccer team for the Buffalo Sabres. You could watch the Bills in the Fall and Winter and then have a pro team to watch in the Spring.

Plus a Franchise for Franchise trade would be the 1st of its kind in sports history. Buffalo and the other city would be the answer for sports trivia and Jeopardy! for the rest of our lives and then some.

I know what you are thinking, there is no way the Sabres leave Buffalo. But why not? They have only been around for 50 years, they have only made the playoffs 29 of those years. Buffalo is not intertwined with the team like we are with the Bills. There is no SabresMafia.

Would this be a great time for Western New York to see what else is out there? Check out 5 other Pro Sports teams that I would pull the trigger on a trade for this weekend!

5 Pro Teams We Would Trade The Buffalo Sabres For

It has been 10 years since the Buffalo Sabres made the playoffs, maybe it is time for a major trade. I am not talking players, here are 5 other pro sports teams that I would trade the Buffalo Sabres for.

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