We talked earlier in the week to Casey O'Connor who's team won the Class AA championship and a big reason why he did was because of how he countered a new philosophy that is being taught yo young baseball players across the country. By now you have probably heard of launch angles and the rampant use of the upper cut swing really drives me nuts. I don't love that it is being taught and you need to hit gap to gap. You are not going to hit 400 foot HR's at that age and if you just hit line drives you will have success. I had to bring it up to Tim Kurkjian this week to get his thoughts on it as well as many other stories around the world of baseball. Make sure to listen above and every Friday at 1030 on Big Board Sports.

Turning to the NBA, it is Game 6 tonight in Milwaukee and the Brooklyn Nets can’t count on Kevin Durant turning in another heroic performance Thursday in Game 6 at Milwaukee with a chance to clinch the series.  And if you’re Milwaukee you need to run more double teams at Durant, something the Bucks did not do enough of in Game 5.  You simply can’t let Durant beat you single handed. If the injured James Harden, can provide more offense and Joe Harris actually shows up for a game here, Brooklyn can close it out. Otherwise I see Milwaukee forcing a deciding game seven, where anything can happen.

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