Former New York Jets running back Le'Veon Bell has found a new target for his frustration. Now, pick your jaw up off the floor when I tell you, it's a former head coach.

Bell's world-burning tendencies have targeted Andy Reid, coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, under whom he played during the 2020 season. Bell had issues with his first team in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and had a well-publicized feud with Adam Gase when both were with the New York Jets.

Now, his chief concern with the Chiefs is the head coach, and he made it abundantly clear how little he wants to play for Andy Reid again.

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In response to an Instagram comment, Bell said the following:

"I'd never play for Andy Reid again ... I'd retire first.'' - Le'Veon Bell

Bell then expanded on this perceived hatred with this cryptic tweet:

In response, Andy Reid had the following to say to ESPN:

"I really enjoyed my time with him here. I appreciated the way he handled things and did his business. He had some productive downs for us. But I'm pulling for him in the future." - Andy Reid

Now, I can absolutely understand why Bell may be upset about his time as a whole. He had double-digit rushes just twice in the final nine games of the season, and did not play in Week 17. He rushed just two times in the first round of the playoffs, was inactivate for the AFC Title Game, and was active, but did not play, in the Super Bowl.

He alleged that Reid made a comment about him at a certain time, which may very well be true. That said, the playing time may be the real culprit here.

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