Buffalo Bills fans have been through things that no other fan base has. Losing four straight Super Bowls and sharing a division with the Patriots dynasty will take a toll on you. People seem to erase from their minds how impossible making four straight Super Bowls is and just how good the Bills really were in the '90s. People taunting you with "Wide Right" chants will either break you or make you "Circle the Wagons". Anyone that's been to a tailgate at "The Ralph" (I will never call it anything else) or heard a group of red, white, and blue-clad fans scream "THE BILLS MAKE ME WANNA SHOUT" at McGeary's in Albany or Henry's in Saratoga knows the Bills Mafia will never be fully broken. They have an attitude of "you're either with us or you're against us" and this Bills' team has people joining the Mafia by the state load.

The NFL postseason kickoffs Saturday at 1:05 pm EST when the Bills host the Indianapolis Colts. Former legendary Bills QB Frank Reich returns to Buffalo but this time as the head coach of the opposition. The Bills and the Colts are just two of the remaining 14 teams still chasing the dream of winning the Lombardi Trophy in Tampa Bay on Sunday, February 7th. Newyorkupstate.com has put together a map of the United States broken down by which states are supporting which team to win it all this year. Six states have jumped on board the Bills bandwagon. New York was pretty obvious but the Bills are now backed by New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Nevada. That's a lot of New England love for the Bills! Nevada is of course the sports betting epicenter of the world (New Jersey takes that title easily if you include all forms of betting, legal or otherwise I'm sure) so are the "wiseguys" backing the Bills this season? The Chiefs and the Packers lead all other teams with nine states each. While the Bills and the Buccaneers lead by familiar Bills foe Tom Brady each have six states.

Goz and I will be supporting the Bills this Saturday live from the Hideaway at Saratoga Lake Golf club with a chance for you to win tickets to a Bills, Patriots, Giants, or Jets game next season. Make sure you join us!

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