Catcher James McCann was up to bat for the Detroit Tigers in a Spring Training games against the Atlanta Braves when he hit a foul ball. The foul ball hit and killed a bird. The video is a bit graphic. Watch at your own risk.



From MLive:

"I saw everyone making a big commotion, and obviously people were still yelling when I stepped back into the box," McCann said. "But I had no idea what happened."

McCann said he didn't see his first-pitch foul ball strike the bird, and was later informed by umpire Joe West following his at-bat when he reached first base on a single.

"(West) said he didn't know what was funnier," McCann said, "seeing the bird get hit or the woman's reaction when it landed in her lap."

McCann couldn't believe the bird's bad luck.

"It's never good to have something die that doesn't deserve to die," said McCann, who said he didn't want to make light of the incident. "But what are the chances?"