Oh imagine the speech commies if the shoe was on the other foot. Tennis star Serena Williams called men "weenies"  after some male tennis players were whining about the playing surface in a tournament in Spain.

The controversial Williams said of her male counterparts

"Woman are way tougher then men that's why we have the babies. You guys could never handle kids"


This is funny and I might agree with some of it.. I know many guys, myself included that hate the sight of needles. But Serena how many kids have you delivered? Oh that would be none!

The best part of this is that if a male player had said something along the lines of " if it weren't for male sports then the ladies wouldn't be making any money cause let's face it there isn't much support for female sports" oh the speech commies would be flailing away with lines of 'sexist" and "mysoginist".

Williams made her comments after several male players were whining about the slickness of the blue clay surface at the Madrid open, crying about how the surface is sleeker then the brown clay you might find at let's say the French Open.

One reporter covering the comments then went and looked up the dictionary definition of weenie. One of the book definitions is  "stupid and inept male". Again I am inclined to agree with Ms. Williams. Interesting to note though how Serena and her sister Venus have done their share of complaining about various issues both in and out of tennis over the years. Course Poppa Richard has had his share of slip-ups and dumb comments and various other incidents over his daughters careers.

Tennis to me is similar to golf in that you have many pampered and whiney "country clubbers" who have this high and mighty attitude.

But back to this birthing thing. I agree with Serena and give it up to the ladies for having to go through that. I actually believe Serena and agree that many woman are tougher then men. Studies have been done on this a few times over and it finds that Woman are the bedrock of most families and the provider of strength and inner belief.

Frankly the double standard makes me laugh in this case. Isn't what Serena said true in many situations? Of course it is. Now Serena if and when that blessed day comes for you when you have a child. I can't wait to hear how she handles it.

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