As you know 104.5 The Team is the Capital Regions Home for New York Yankees Baseball. Well thanks to our friends at The Beef Jerky Outlet of Latham it's now the home of Yankees $2,000 No Hitter Contest!

It's so easy! Just go HERE any enter The No Hitter Contest. Then listen to the Pregame show with Levack and Goz on 104.5 The Team. If they call out your name that game is your chance to win $2,000. If a Yankees pitcher throws a complete game no hitter for the game your name is selected for the cash is all yours. If you're a Yankees fan, love baseball or just want your shot at winning $2,000 this is the contest for you!

104.5 The Team wants to give you the chance to win a pretty sweet prize all throughout the 2018 Yankees Baseball season. The only catch is, the Yankees will have to throw a no-hitter first. 

Enter to win by completing the tasks above. If the Yankees do throw a no-hitter on nights that 104.5 The Team broadcasts Yankees pre-games, you could win $2,000 from the Latham Beef Jerky Outlet. Not bad, eh?

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