The Buffalo Bills have proven after the Week 1 Loss that they are the cream of the crop in the AFC. Sal Paolantonio picked Buffalo to win the Super Bowl and on the show today he explained what makes the Bills so dangerous. The Chargers are knocking on the door as well so make sure to listen above to hear Sal Pal talk about how good Justin Herbert has looked. As for the Bills, here is part of what he had to say about how they were able to beat Kansas City:

"What you saw is that Sean McDermott and Leslie Frazier, they had decided to just back up on Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. It's the defense the Baltimore Ravens use against Kansas City and it is one that the New England Patriots used agains the Bucs. You drop 6, 7, 8 sometimes defensive backs into coverage especially when you are inside the 30 and KC is knocking on the door. You want to make sure all the zones are covered, that you are double teaming Tyreek Hill and/or Travis Kelce and that is what they did last night."

Saturdays heavyweight boxing title fight between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury is the best heavyweight fight I have seen since the Mike Tyson days, when the sport of boxing was in its glory days. Those glory days are long gone, but maybe Fury’s blood bath battle knock out of Wilder, that featured one knock down after another, will spark the resurgence of what used to be a popular division. If you watched Fury-Wilder, why would you ever want to watch another UFC fight night. It pales in comparison.

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