So we have made it through the first three match days of the UEFA Champions League group stage, and some teams have been very impressive.

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Maybe you have looked at Juventus, with nine points from three games, or even Ajax, which has done the same, both in potentially tricky groups.

All of a sudden, you check the futures at various sportsbooks, and those two teams, along with Bayern Munich and Liverpool, have seen their odds shorten closer to tournament favorite Manchester City.

But of course, there is a flip side to this coin. Because if some team’s odds have shortened, others must have fallen away from City, and into oblivion. So if you are trying to bet on the winner of the tournament, you have to decide a couple things.

Are those teams with odds dropping worth betting at any point over the coming month, or do you have to start looking for another squad to back.

I gave you four teams with odds getting close to even money, so which are the teams with falling odds, and maybe the ones you should back away from if possible?

Let’s take a look.

Teams with odds shortening falling away from even money

(AKA which teams have been the least impressive to move the odds?)

Barcelona: if you have followed European soccer at all this year, you will know that Lionel Messi left Barcelona for PSG. But could anyone have seen this fall from grace so quickly? People keep betting on the name, and not the current team, based on the current Betfred offer. This team stinks, and might not even get out of the group. Imagine Barcelona, which won four Champions League titles in the last 15+ years (2006, 2009, 2011, 2015), playing in Europa? They are +5000 to win this, which would be like burning money.

Manchester United: the Red Devils are leading Group F somehow, but have been really poor for a while now, and have to go on the road twice, on Match Day 4 and 5. Manchester United might still yet struggle to get out of the group, and at +2000, look like a shell of what they could be. The one caveat here is they could have a new coach, and if they do get out, they might be dangerous next spring.

Atlético Madrid: you can’t lose home games in this competition, and they just did to Liverpool. At +3300 odds to win this tournament, it is risky, because Atléti might not even get out of Group B: they are tied with Porto now on four points, and have to go to Portugal on Match Day 6, which might decide the second knockout stage team.

Inter: the reigning Serie A champions are now priced at +6600, after a loss and a draw to start their campaign. They are on four points now, and it will come down to the final two games. Are you willing to back them with that hanging over their head?

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