It's no secret that the Giants released Bradshaw and other players this offseason to make cap room. And it's clear that the Giants hold nothing but respect for the former Giant. Big Blue showed that respect in video form before a preseason game with Bradshaw's new team the Indianapolis Colts.

Unaware of the tribute Bradshaw was caught by surprise.

Oh man, that was awesome

My heart just dropped when that happened. It was just heartbreaking, man. Six years being here and to come and see that, it's heartbreaking

I am guessing it was bitter sweet for Bradshaw, who walked in to Met Life as a visitor.

Very weird

Like I said, six years, my whole NFL career has been here. To come from the opposite locker room, it's something I never thought would come.


Bradshaw feeling's on the Giants seem to be mutual, unfortunately that team player relationship has ended but there is still a lot of respect on both sides. We know the giants would love to have Bradshaw on the roster and I wouldn't rule out Bradshaw coming back. But I don't see the Colts not extending Bradshaw's contract. Any team that has Ahmad on their roster is a way better with him then with out him.

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