The Albany Empire are going for a perfect 7 - 0 start this Saturday night at the Times Union Center. One of the key reasons behind the Empire's success this season is the fact that Quarterback Tommy Grady has not been sacked once! Offensive Lineman Jordan Mudge is a big part of why no other team has been able to sack Grady. By big I mean 6'4 330 pounds of intensity that honestly scares me a little before the games.

Here's an actual photo from before last week's game where Mudge is just casually carrying around a sledgehammer.

Jordan Mudge of the Empire

Now Everyone that knows Mudge says that's just his game day mindset and he's a "sweetheart" normally. I hope that's the case because Mudge is coming in studio for the first time ever today. We'll find out why he went from winning the Arena Bowl with Washington to joining the Empire, What was it like working out for the Buffalo Bills and is he indeed a "sweetheart"?

Well now we know...Mudge is simply a great guy that "flips the switch" on game day.

Jordan Mudge