As many of us not so patiently wait to return to live sporting events it might be time to start saving. On a list of the "Most Expensive Stadiums For Sports Fans," the average trip to a game for the "Big Four" of NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA could run you an average of anywhere from $67 to $157. compiled a list of the most expensive stadiums based on one general admission ticket, two beers, a hot dog, and team parking. Some of the numbers are staggering. I find it very interesting that two New York Teams top their sports, the Knicks and the Rangers are the highest cost in the NBA and NHL with a cost of $260.38 and $182.43 respectively, which is kind of sad when you realize neither team has won a championship since 1994 when the Rangers won Lord Stanley's Cup and The Knicks last championship was 1973.

The other New York team average costs using the General Admission, two beers, a hot dog, and team parking costs aren't much better:

Knicks $260.38
Rangers $182.43
Giants $158.81
Bills $138.95
Jets $137.66
Nets $136.36
Islanders $110.42
Yankees $95.91
Sabres $87.05
Mets $81.35

Check out the full list HERE.

Now just to point out why I love my teams here in the Capital Region, here's the breakdown for the Albany Empire and Tri-City ValleyCats. Again this is based on the General Admission ticket, two beers, a hot dog, and team parking.

Albany Empire who play at the Times Union Center: $55.00
That's $15 for a ticket
$12.50 a beer
$5 Hot Dog
$10 Parking

Tri-City ValleyCats - Joe Bruno Stadium: $26.00
Tickets $9
Hot Dog $3
Beers $7
Parking FREE

I love making a plan to go to Yankee Stadium and MetLife but when you have the Empire and the ValleyCats right here and the cost is so low you really don't need to plan, it's great. Fingers crossed we'll all be deciding where we want to go based on cost and team loyalty instead of COVID-19 as soon as possible.

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