Last season, the Golden State Warriors tried to address their need for help on the interior by trading leading scorer and best player Monta Ellis to the Milwaukee Bucks for Australian big man Andrew Bogut, who was recovering from an ankle injury at the time.

Now it has been announced that, after playing four games this season, Bogut's injury is more serious than originally thought and that he will be on an indefinite leave while attempting to recover from a microfracture surgery, which is a more serious surgery than the Warriors or Bogut had let on originally.

So, for those of you scoring at home, the Warriors traded a player who is currently scoring 19 points per game to go along with five rebounds and three assists per contest and made their team a threat if the pieces ever came together for a guy who has played four games for them and may not ever be able to come back.

The biggest question here is, of course, why would the Warriors accept a trade for a guy who wasn't healthy at the time and is never healthy for a consistent period of time? Andrew Bynum is on the court with more regularity than Bogut, which is pathetic.

Beyond that elephant in the room, one must wonder why the Warriors haven't looked into seeking compensation from the Bucks for dealing them damaged goods, on the grounds that Bogut may have been far more unstable from a health standpoint than the Bucks were willing to let them know.

Either way, this situation is incredibly ugly for Golden State, who have a great young nucleus of talent on the perimeter, and a power forward in David Lee who, when not being forced to play out of position against centers, is a dynamic rebounder and scorer inside.

Maybe it's things like this that prompt Warriors fans to boo their ownership on a night meant to honor one of the greatest players in their history. I'm not so sure that I can blame them at this point.