I know people handle grief in different ways, and I usually don't like to judge, but I have no idea how the Philadelphia Eagles coach could possibly say coming back to practice 1 day after burying his son is the " Right thing to do". I can't think of anything that says wrong thing to do!

I won't for a second pretend to know how Reid feels or the grief he and his family are going through but coaching 1 day after burying your 29 year old son? I don't see how that is the "Right thing to do".

I won't speak harshly of Reid, who I think is a very good coach, but if my son, at the age of 29 passed away, at the practice complex no less, no chance would I be returning less then 24 hours later.

Reid will also coach his team in the pre-season opener vs the in state Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday night at Lincoln Financial Field. How can his mind possibly be clear to coach a football game?

Reids son, Garrett, the oldest of his 5 kids, died suddenly over the weekend. No cause of death is known yet but garrett had drug issues for a long time, and even bragged how he loved to sell drugs to inner city kids and loved being a drug dealer. From most indications it is thought that Garrett had gotten clean.

Reid returned for practice and had this to say " You feel the strength of the team. I felt it the last couple of days. I am a football coach, it's what I do and I know my son wouldn't want it any other way".

To that I say are you sure Andy? You say he loved the Eagles. Ok. I say what is the rush back. Will your mind be clear to make important game decisions even though it is just a pre-season game?

I won't judge Andy. As I said everyone handles grief in their own personal way. I will say this would not be the way I would handle it. The team is important. Your family and their pain and healing is more important. I have to wonder if Reid will not regret this decision at some point.

The Eagles will have a moment of silence before the game vs the Steelers. They will also wear a GR decal the remainder of the season.

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