Each week at 4pm we highlight the best of the best in Socially Awkward Media. This Thursday marks the final April 2020 edition of Socialy Awkard Media as we head towards May. Instead of NBA and NHL playoffs and MLB regular season, we are discussing ice cream, hot dogs and more.  What are you hoping to see your team do tonight? Check out some of the best messages of the week below.

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David-I love the show except for all the Yankee stuff.

Duke- #1 when Stone Cold Brought out the  @DeCrescenteDistbeer truck at the Pepsi arena.

Who had the best NFL Draft-Peter-Ask me in 3 years

Jeff- I wasn’t surprised by that.....classic Jerry Jones showing off his glitz & glamour star power. Another poser to add to America’s “Diva” Team!

Scranton Strangler-cmon, obviously Justin Jefferson is going to have better number he played with Joe Burrow. Reagor is the better player and was the best WR available to Philly at that point. If Mel kiper or Mcshay knew what they were saying they’d work for an nfl team

Max-Jeff you’re driving me bonkers with this draft talk. You keep saying “he should have went ...”. It’s “he should have GONE”. Your grammar is enraging lol

Matt Woods-Your office peaked in 2002 with this phone, your old desk, and the Nickelback album on the wall.

Closer- This change in our world today has got to be driving you crazy #WhatIsTechnology

JC-No Punjabi Prison match? No thanks

Ango-I want the dirt!

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