The New York Giants have vastly improved on paper with their spending thus far this off-season and they show no sign of stopping any time soon. With money still left to spend, the Giants are still looking to improve on both sides of the ball. However, the signings of Olivier Vernon, Damon Harrison, and Janoris Jenkins are huge for the Giants when it comes to improving their team. Vernon will help the lack of a pass rush and paired up with a healthy Jason Pierre-Paul could form a vaunted duo. Harrison will help immensely with stopping the run, while Jenkins will help out a ton in the secondary. The Giants addressed a number of needs that are sure to show improvements from last season on the field.

But do their moves make them a contender in the NFC?

Time will tell. The team lost 5 games last season with less than a minute to play, mainly due to the incapability to rush the passer and cover receivers by the defense. The new acquisitions thus far have made this team better on paper already, but deciding whether or not they can compete with the top teams in the NFC is yet to be seen. Are they one of the favorites to win the NFC east? absolutely. The Giants and Cowboys look to be the favorites, while the Redskins might take a step back and the Eagles are just full of questions at the moment.

Do you think the Giants are a serious contender in the NFC with their new acquisitions?

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