It's the first day of winter. With winter on the way, are you up on New York State snowmobile laws? Take our quiz to see if you're ready.

We haven't had much snow yet this year, but we all know it's coming sooner or later. As we start getting ready for some fun in the snow, it's not a bad idea to give ourselves a little reminder about how to stay safe. So here's the question - how well do you know New York State's snowmobile laws?

We made a short quiz on some of the common snowmobile laws that you'll need to keep in mind when riding this winter. If you don't snowmobile yourself, it can't hurt to see how well you know the rules so you know what to expect when you encounter snowmobiles when driving this winter. It's a win-win.

And hey, it's anonymous, so you don't need to feel bad if, like me, you didn't know the laws that well after all!

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