The Yankees have made plenty of moves this off-season that improve their chances at making a run toward their 28th World Series Championship this coming season. Trading for Giancarlo Stanton, re-signing C.C. Sabathia, and clearing cap space, has put the Yankees in a very good scenario for the near future.
But with all the moves they've made, there is still position that the Yankees could improve dramatically on in free agency. That is third base.
Miguel Andujar looks to be the guy at the moment. A solid bat, great glove, and a guy that can hit for average, Andujar would be a great option at third for the Yankees this upcoming season, but could there possibly be a better option for the Yankees in free agency?
Former Kansas City Royals 3B Mike Moustakas. Having made it through the winter meeting without being signed, maybe Moustakas chooses a different option in order to get his money he so desires. Moustakas' agent, Scott Boras, who's had dozens of clients sign with the Yankees over the years, could get Moustakas to sign a 1-year deal with the Yankees to play 3B and bet on himself for a future contract.
It's a risky idea, but one that could work out for both Moustakas and the Yankees.
Would you like Mike Moustakas to sign with the Yankees?

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