Siena plays Memphis tonight and is hoping to get some strategic insight from UAlbany's recent game against them.

Mike Singelais of the Times Union is reporting that Siena basketball coach Jimmy Patsos is analyzing UAlbany's recent game against Memphis in an attempt to divine a winning strategy for this evening's game.

It's no surprise that a team is looking at film ahead of a big game. But Siena and UAlbany have a Capital Region connection that makes the two teams very familiar with each other. That makes this film all the more potent. Siena knows UAlbany well and you don't always get that kind of information from just any film.

I'm interested to see if this pays off for Siena and it's making me rethink the way I think about watching film. Instead of just focusing on Memphis, Siena is able to get information from watching the team they won't be playing against tonight because they are so familiar with them.

We'll find out tonight if it's a winning strategy. I hope it is.

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