The Kansas State fans dangerously rushing the court against Kansas on Monday night reminded me of February 14th, 2005 when Texas Tech beat No.2 Kansas in Double OT and KU senior Wayne Simien elbowed me in the temple. At least that's how I remember it ...

"I don't remember that," said Simien. "I'm going to have to see that before I confess that it went down the way that you said it did. Find the video footage and send it to me because I want to confirm or deny."

I'm working on the video.

But in the meantime, I have to say that conversation was therapeutic after over a decade of having pent-up of hatred towards the former consensus All-American that threw a 'bow at me like we were at a Ludacris concert.

Good to know Simien and his family are well. Nice guy.

Of course, he had to get another jab at me before he left:

"I heard there was another guy that ran on the court and kissed Erin Andrews. You missed out on that opportunity and you wanted to fight a 6-9 power forward. Hopefully the elbow I supposedly gave you knocked some things straight in there so that the next time you'll choose what the other guy did."

The truth will set you free, Wayne. The truth will set you free.

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